Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Frosty morning, turning to gold.

The fields were white with frost this morning; 
the poor pot of pansies was frosted on the porch. 
There was so much moisture in the air that the deer are in soft focus 
as they nibble on a strip of grass missed by the mower last time.
With a lot of help from our daughter, we finished loading the car 
and soon we were traveling past the big chicken in Levering 
and crossing the most beautiful bridge ever, the cream-colored Mackinac!

This really doesn't do it justice! But I am fond of the little cloud at the left.

Later we stopped at an overlook with a stairway to walk down to the edge of Lake Superior. 
You can see what a beautiful day it was!

Tomorrow the journey continues; we should stop somewhere in Minnesota.

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