Saturday, October 04, 2014

Suddenly so present

The careless abandon of a dachshund sleeping in our bed.

And here is a moon poem from Hayden Carruth:


The dark will come, I said,
soon now at moonset.

And I looked and looked to see
our night-lady

so grave and magnanimous
go away

over our hill, smiling
a moment, no more, through pointed

spruces; and the dark came,
the snow turned gray.

Yet then slowly the gray
was silver, the snow-clad

spruces began to sparkle
and even the frost of the air

was illumined, a low

dance of light-specks. I
looked overhead

to the stars, suddenly
so present, so much a part

of the night. The night,
I said, is all grave

and all a dance and never
dark. And on my slow

snowshoes I danced and skipped
gravely down the meadow.

Hayden Carruth, Collected Shorter Poems; 1946-1991
Copper Canyon Press, 1992, pages 245-246.

What I notice about this is the beautiful dance of the varied short lines down the poem. Good night!

And this is from the winter we spent here: 2010-2011.

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