Saturday, October 18, 2014

Going, going . . .

The view of the west meadow from the porch this morning. 
The aspens have turned to gold and the maple leaves are falling even faster everywhere..
And it didn't rain all afternoon!
Absentee ballots came today from California and we did the voting thing.
The ballots are so heavy that it cost 91cents for each of us to send them back.

Tonight's poem is from a personal friend of mine, Gayle Kaune, who moved away a long time ago and I have not seen for ages.

The Explorer dreams of Sacajawea

soon he would be calling
her name the name the ghost
birds that fly south would speak
her name as they write his longing
across the shoulder of her blue
sky as river enters the heart
of her country it was all light
it seemed
and even shadow
had a geometry
that was pleasing
love and birds
are what kept him going small flutterings
in the grassy space of his mind
large migrations in the path
of his heart oh it was true
sometimes he knew that like
water he was more in touch
with longing than arrival

Gayle Kaune
All the Birds Awake
Tebot Bach, Huntington Beach CA, 2011, page 31.

Look! No stanza breaks, no capitals or punctuation, yet we follow the mind through the poem.
Note particulary the strategy of the longest line with its two parts, that just kept on going without stopping there. It is a rich book and well worth getting.

Same view a few days ago; look for the small conical pine in the center to orient yourself.

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