Thursday, November 06, 2014

Lake Superior Coast

Blue waters from the recent trip west.


East of the port, the gaunt euclidean town
At the edge of the prairie sky, at the venturous end
Of the sea's last traffic with the climbing land ---
You come to the hills. The spruce and rock steep down

To the mountain beach. Inlet and channel and reef
Return, in the slow dance of the land's turning;
Shadowed and clear and dark in the desolate raining
Of lost and shadowy light, and the lost brief

Moment; flashed and repeated in the drumming wheels
Repeat . . . repeat . . . repeat: the flashing earth
Streams in its rhythm; and the moments breath
Is time's deliberate breath. The wheeling hills
Drift with its tide . . . The hills and the quilted flock
Of the sky, and a gull, remotely flying
And stilled in flight . . .
                                     Time, and the granite flowing
Of stonegrey water and precambrian rock.

Charles Bruce
The Mulgrave Road; selected poems of Charles Bruce,
Potterfield Press, Nova Scotia,1985, page 54.

I got the book I mentioned in this previous post! And then I picked out the same poem that I chose from the Canadian Nature Poems anthology, and typed it out again! At least I am consistent. Here is another choice; it's a lovely book, I am glad I was able to locate a copy. This one was WITHDRAWN from the Winnipeg Public Library, and now belongs to me.  .  .


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