Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Video Madness

This is my treasured second son in a photo capture of the TV screen 
on which we viewed the videos.

The visit with my brother, D, was in large part trying to work with the family 8mm film clips that we recently had digitized. We spent this last afternoon and evening making a six page outline of the various clips and scenes. The filmic quality is horrible: violent bad panning, flares, extremes of light, a lot of pictures of the moon shot that were taken off TV. The stuff covers a span from 1935, when I was born until my Dad's retirement circa 1971 and shortly thereafter. No one will probably ever be interested in stuff that covers such a wide range of events in such poor cinematography, but my brother and I have had a lot of fun working on them. I also had a chance to send a kiss of the past to many loved people who are now gone.

And I'm too pooped to write a poem.

Today, D fed my ducks and I got a picture of this handsome widgeon:

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