Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Annual Christmas Eve party at Kaestle's

Every year we went to the Kaestle house for their annual Christmas Eve Party
There was a kid's part (games) and an adult's part (drinks) as well as food. 
And many of our family group pictures were taken here, when we were all clean 
and dressed up. At some point during the evening one of my folks 
would sneak out and arrange our Santa gifts at home, 
so when we came home, Santa had already been there! 

I am guessing this to be Christmas of 1947 or 1948 
by looking at the sizes of my siblings. 
Robert (in Dad's arms) was born in November of 1945. 
John, down in front, was born in 1941. 
I am holding David (born August 1944) 
and have made a disastrous and unaccustomed foray 
into the world of bright red lipstick and fingernail polish. 
Richard is in the center and Susan is at the right in front of Mom. 
Marjory won't join us until 1949.

Right now it's New Year's Eve! We are watching the TV coverage
of THE IDAHO POTATO DROP in downtown Boise, Idaho.
We are only three minutes away from the DROP!

This is the final holiday photo of this series.

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