Sunday, December 21, 2014

Red-winged blackbirds

Four of these guys came to the feeder every day last winter 
and fought over whose domain it was. 
Flaring their red shoulders, 
they charged violently at each other. 
This year I am feeding only sunflower seeds, 
and mostly to squirrels and sparrows. 
But I am still hoping to see some red shoulders soon,
now that we are staying into January,

My niece is reading my blog and asked a question about syllabics.
I wrote about them in my head before I got up and planned to write more all day.
Now it is too late and I am too tired.
So this post is about Futurism and how to avoid
putting things off. . . . . .

Watch this blog for more about syllabics, those poems that have a predetermined
number of syllables in each line. Much verse in English is accentual, that is, one counts
the patterns made by stresses or accents.

Haiku is one kind of syllabic verse, the old discredited 5-7-5.

Here is one of mine:

five flickers converge
on a bush of ripe berries--
disappearing cloud

And so goodnight; at least I don't have 
to bake any Christmas cookies!

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