Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Marjory Ann with Christmas doll, circa 1956

This group of photos has been hard for me to resist. Partly it is because of the lighting.
My father had rigged up a GE floodlamp on a stand made of a garbage can lid and a broomstich.
He did this to get the light required by the 8mm film, which usually gave the best results outdoors.
So there is this dramatic lighting effect you see here; becasue of the Kodak slide film, these
photos are still very bright and colorful. 
These pictures (taken after I had left home) are also poignant to me
because, if I am estimating correctly, they were taken after my mother had
her "nervous breakdown" and spent four months hospitalized for treatments, 
including electroshock. Marji has a memory of being sent yarn dolls
which Mother had made in the hospital's occupational therapy program.
So, if Mom was just home, this seems to be the Christmas of the Dolls
and more toys and display than usual.

It was a long time ago, but my family is very precious to me.

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