Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Blues and the landscape

Perhaps I should start a blog just for these rearview window pictures that I love to take on trips. 
Something about the brilliant Western light astounds me. 
By the reflection, you can tell 
that I took this with my iPhone, that handy marvel.
Take a look out of your car window soon!

(for Bill and Sonja)

Today the news from Selma and Saigon
poisons the air like fallout,
        I come again to see
the serene great picture that I love.

Here space and time exist in light
the eye like the eye of faith believes.
         The seen, the known
dissolve in iridescence, become
illusive flash of light
         that was not, was, forever is.

O light beheld as through refracting tears.
Here is the aura of that world
         each of us has lost.
Here is the shadow of its joy.

Robert Hayden  (1913-1980)
Art and Artists; poems, Everyman's Library, 2012, page 77.

This is a great little anthology, about 4'' x 6.5 inches, It would make a great gift or a pocket companion. Very wonderful and eclectic choice of poems inspired by works of art. This week, or next, try to get to a museum and find an art work you can see from a bench or chair. And task yourself to write a poem. Look at the art work for 15 minutes or so before you start to write.

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