Friday, January 09, 2015

We Recognize Ourselves in Them

This was my Wildlife Event of the Day! 
This white duck was hanging out with the mallards this morning. 
You can see part of the curled feathers atop his tail that mark him as a male mallard relative. 
While I was watching him through the window, 
he did a series of neck exercises similar to this one. 
It almost seemed like he was posing. 
He was just sitting justbeyond the white patio fence. 

I have been saving this quote from Mark Strand for posting here.
The full In Memorium for Strand can be found here:

"Strand saw poetry as a humanizing influence in an increasingly inhumane world. He told Inscape a few years ago:

If every head of state and every government official spent an hour a day reading poetry we’d live in a much more humane and decent world … Poetry delivers an inner life that is articulated to the reader. People have inner lives, but they are poorly expressed and rarely known. They have no language by which to bring it out into the open. Two people deeply in love can look at each other and not have much to say except “I love you.” It gets kind of boring after awhile—after the first ten or twenty years … When we read poems from the past we realize that human beings have always been the way we are. We have technological advancements undreamt of a couple thousand years ago, but the way people felt then is pretty much the way people feel now. We can read those poems with pleasure because we recognize ourselves in them. Poetry helps us imagine what it’s like to be human. I wish more politicians and heads of state would begin to imagine what it’s like to be human."

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  1. I've always loved poetry, June, but as I've gotten older it speaks to me more clearly every day. I agree with you that all politicians and heads of state should read more poetry in order to connect with our shared humanity.