Wednesday, January 07, 2015

The uses of imagination

My granddaughter's garden: the large orange clump is carrots,
the blueberries are at lower right, the two purple cherries have cherry stems,
there are green beans and a small tomato with a green leafy stem. 2009.

The Acrobat

He walked on his hands, so perfectly upside-down
that he seemed to make past present, present past.

Then the floor opened and swallowed him.
We looked at each other: who would believe it?

A moment later, the doorbell rang.
There he stood, with a basket of oranges.

In Secret; Versions of Yannis Ritsos by David Harsent
The Sheep Meadow Press, Rhinebeck, New York, 2013, page 33.

You can read about the life of that fiercely bearded fellow, 
Yannis Ritsos at this link.

A task or two. Using whatever pens or pencils you have around, draw the small and useful garden you have dreamed about. Even a pot of herbs, if that is what you want. Then write a six-line poem in three stanzas, telling a tale with some magic in it. Just a little magic.

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