Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Yellow Book

We will be going to visit her family for Thanksgiving; this picture
was taken nine years ago. Now she has two little sisters and a brother.
We always have a great time with them. Last time we visited 
they all took turns walking our dachshund, 
Tonight, I found out about a service called Flickriver, 
which helps you view your Flickr photos faster (the river!) and
in several interesting ways. In just a few minutes, I was reminded
of enough pictures to use on the blog for a week. 
I have 26,000 pictures on Flickr now, so it is useful to throw
them all up in the air sometimes (as in that card game)
and see how they come down.

Here is one of Basho's very observant haiku
about very young creatures:

Squeaking in response
to baby sparrows
a nest of mice


translated by Stehen Addiss, Fumiko Tamamoto, and Akira Yamamoto

Haiku; an anthology of Japanese Poems, Shambala, 2011, Kindle location 310

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