Monday, November 09, 2015


On a recent daily walk, this tree lawn has eroded enough for us to see
the structure of of tree roots. I liked the palette of grays 
and I loved the way the little star-shaped leaves
of liquidambar decorated this view. iPhone 6s photo.
Today was too wet for the walk; the small dog was disappointed.


The carpentry shop,
the ironmonger,
the grocery store,
the farmer’s rubber boots
on the porch,
the low, cloudy sky,
and, so unexpectedly,
a blue door
fallen flat among the ruins
with the key
still in place.

Yannis Ritsos
                                 Athens – March 3, 1985

Both the picture and the poem 
are about something that remains.
Your task: 
write an 8 to 14 line poem about a remnant.

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