Friday, November 06, 2015

Marjory in plaid holding a black kitten

The year is 1953, as confirmed by the license plate sticker. The place we always called
The Farm is being visited by my mother's sister, Hazel Peters and her family: one husband, Uncle Howard, one daughter, Susan June, one son, Dennis. They came all the way from California in this Cadillac--on the bumper of which now sits my baby sister, Marjory Ann, holding a black kitten.

I haven't got a poem that suits this picture, so here
is one of the group pictures featuring both families.
My father must have taken it because he isn't in this one.

Left to right: Dennis (making face) in front of me (June,) Marjory Ann, 
Uncle Howard holding Susan Peter's hand with my sister Susan behind in red blouse. 
Then Aunt Hazel behind Robert, my mother Olga behind David, John and Richard, kneeling.

In a short while, I will get on the train for Arizona to go to college.

It was a great visit. This was scanned from a Kodachrome slide and cropped slightly.

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