Friday, June 23, 2006

Deck Work

The laths and rotten beams from the deck cover are all demolished now. The white epiphyllum is beginning to bloom and has lots of buds. This is the only one that blooms out of the center of the plant rather than on the hanging arms. Other epis, which have all finished blooming, are kind of suffering by being out on the pavement in the blazing sun of our 100 degree heat wave.
Had a lovely lunch today with the Rice's and Cathy at the Fish Market. Excellent food and laughter. We couldn't go to see MB's new carpet because Scott's back still hurts from the fall.
A House re-run is on right now. There must be something better; I must learn how to use the clicker. I think House is cool, though, I must admit. I don't know why these guys like the Hunter Thompson persona, or the Bukowski persona appeal to me, but they do . . .

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