Thursday, June 29, 2006

Dinner in Gilroy

He did finish the deck today and is supposed to come back tomorrow to put in the nails and help me hang the epiphyllums. These flowers are the current garden items I would most hate to give up.
Tonight I ate at Tasso's in Gilroy with Lani, Ed and Cecilia. People I love, old friends who go way back. We had a glorious time laughing and talking. Cecilia's voice is very soft, and even though the restaurant wasn't noisy, I had to really focus not to miss what she was saying. I enjoyed this dinner so much it made me realize how foolish I am not to promote more get-togethers of friends from the past who still live around here. I tend to rely on others to arrange things, which I always enjoy. But I don't take initiative, unless we are about to go to Michigan. A crisp beautiful fingernail moon was over my left fender most of the way home.
Then I turned toward it and was almost there on Highway 85.
Last night I edited the Wikipedia article on Barbara Tuchman. I changed the word "conspired" to the more correct "aspired." I'll have to check and see if it is still there; also where the period goes, inside or outside the parentheses . . . It stunned me how much fun this was to do; Scott doesn't really believe that community editing will work. And I guess it does take a big community.
Good night.

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