Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Poem Road

This infinite internet! Led there by a series of links begun by Flickr's Montana Raven, I just joined a map called California Fever. And learned about something called a Poem Road, based on one in Taiwan. I haven't learned how to insert a link here, but I can add it later, after I learn. (I'm worried about the future of Taiwan. But poetry might have one.) She wants you to post a poem and send a picture of where it is posted. I'd like to put one on the creek path, but now I have to go downstairs and move the hanging plants so they (Dickens and his New Age Renaissance Team) can tear apart the deck tomorrow. Scott's fall was two and a half weeks ago and he is still in very bad pain and hasn't improved at all. He will have a CT scan as soon as the appointment comes through. And then a referral to the back specialist.

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