Friday, June 30, 2006


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This morning I fixed a lot of cactuses and epiphyllums and arranged them on the deck. Dickens came back and helped me hang the epis. He put the big pots of cactus back, too. There were two little shoots on the purple succulent that has been neglected for years in the side yard. If it is this tough, it deserves another chance! I put it on the rack where it will get some water and gave it a top dressing of good soil. I used the pea gravel from the old racks as a top dressing on some plants to keep the soil from washing out. I enjoyed it all, I could spend more time in the yard.
Scott went to back doctor he'd been referred to today. It looks like a "soft tissue" spine injury that will get better over six months to a year. So at least there is a diagnosis, after three weeks. Trip to Michigan still uncertain.

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