Friday, September 15, 2006

End of summer

End of summer
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On to Valley City, North Dakota. Siince it is mid-September, we have been surprised by the necessity to get our motel reservations a full day ahead of time. Even then, they tell us, they have only one or two rooms left. This has been true all across Hwy 94.
Early in the day there were some even smaller sunflowers by the roadside; then they ceased. Soon thereafter we began to see fields of sunflowers as a crop.
The leaves are just beginning to turn gold on a few of the trees. The Theodore Roosevelt National Park (this is near the visitor center on Hwy 94) has some great scenic drives, which I hope to manage to see the next time through this way. The rocks in these badlands seem much more colorful than in the South Dakota Badlands; I hadn't known there were such extensive badlands in more than one place. The weather continues good, just some slight rain that we passed through. As always, there are strong winds here, which seem to buffet the car and make driving more noisy.

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