Monday, September 04, 2006

Pass the mustard

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I think Mom gave me this extra tin of mustard when we were moving west in 1964. Maybe I can get someone to date it. It just turned up in the big litchen cleanout. I hid it at once because of its still-life potential.
I'm up to almost 1300 books in Downstairs will be done with one more shelf. Study is about half done. Then I still have the MIchigan place, the huge amount of poetry upstairs, and the spillover in the guest room. So, still not half done. It will be fun to see how this all comes out. Librarything seems to struggle sometimes to keep up with the need for computing power; I think they need some more machines.
Like Chicken LIttle, I am going along and going along. (Until I come to Ducky Lucky?) We plan now to leave Saturday morning. And we will try the regular car this time. The Bronco is a little rougher ride, and road-noisy for a long trip.But we love its roominess!

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