Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Read me a story

Read me a story
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Well, we got as far as one day out. Got a day's nice visit with our granddaughter. Then we had to turn back--after all that packing! And fussing, and mail forwarding, etc. We may be able to try again in a week or two. I have left my suitcases in the car, except for the night case I carry into motels.
The small dogs had a bath before they left the kennel. They can't visit the relatives with us because of allergies. But they still have a faint odor that I call Kennel Stench. It's a good kennel and I like the woman who runs it, but you can't help a smell in a kennel.
The leaves on the madrones and the red oaks in the Feather Canyon were pretty and very green this time of year. Wildflowers are over and most of the small waterfalls and seeps are dry. Still, it is a beautiful drive, until you get stopped waiting for roadwork (a crane on a bridge) for three-quarters of an hour.
The weather is still a little warm, just summery, really.
I got my computer back, the Norton protection made Windows unstable and then crashed. It wasn't rebootable even from the CD recue disk. I got the security the repair guy recommended: Kaspersky. So I'm back on the blog. It feels good.

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