Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Misty mountains of the sages

Misty mountains of the sages
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Another airplane photo, from a trip to Utah to visit Mom. I love taking these, but don't fly much now. If we gp anythere, we usually drive.
Kitchen update: the water is back on. There was a moment of terror when the disposal wouldn't fit, but our clever guy came over and cut a square hole in the hardboard next to the dishwasher and solved the problem, Eveyrthing works without leaking: dishwasher, disposal and refrigerator water. The stove is also in, but the installer didn't have the microwave yet and will come back. Once the cabinets are rebuilt, we still will have to put in new flooring and paint. Sometimes I wish we hadn't started, but I think it will be very nice. It seems too self-indulgent. The stove looks like it will be a genuine pleasure to cook on. Well-marked controls, and abilities far beyond anything we have ever used.
I have 945 books entered in Librarything now. And patterns are beginning to emerge, which is very ineresting. I found another duplicate today--that makes five in the living room alone, Sigh. But I also found a lot of forgotten books that I want to read or page through the illustrations again; that is a great pleasure.

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