Sunday, August 06, 2006

The infinite variety of clouds

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I'm still dreaming about travel; this is from that snowy trip through Donner Pass.
Went to the Main Gallery (it's in a yellow house) in Redwood City to see the encaustic collages and print work by a friend. They were small, delicate and very lovely. Then we had a Chinese meal, salad and chicken with orange and ginger. From the taste of it, quite a bit of sugar, too. Good.
This morning on Book TV, an In Depth with an author named Gallagher, a Civil War historian. The Civil War is fascinating, it's true, and there is plenty of documentation. It made me wonder if I would really want to spend my whole career studying one war. I don't think that I would.
Inspector Morse was resureected to solve a murder tonight. We are enjoying it. He's solved it now, and he is being quite wonderfully crabby.

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