Sunday, August 13, 2006

Strawberry square

Strawberry square
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A fellow stands out on the corner as we turn off the expressway and sells flats of these. Inside are berry baskets, with a layer of these larger and more beautiful streawberries on the top. I needed a wife to hold a gold reflector while I took this. In a book I was looking at today, a photographer gave his wife credit for her reflector-holding on a particular photograph. I have enjoyed these berries very much, but have to admit they are not the sweetest strawberries I have ever had even though some of the most beautiful.
Today I entered books on Librarything up to 1004, so I've passed a big milestone. If I finish the job, I'm estimating the total at about 4000 including the books I keep in Michigan. I need to downsize, but have a very strong attachment to many of them. What to do? Nothing sensible, I suppose.

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