Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Riding lessons

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Spent a lovely couple of days with Idaho grandchildren. Then, today we drove through the late summer Idaho days across the southern end of the state. Large sunflower plants were in riotous bloom along the highway for most of the way. The yellows and greens of these plants went very well with the arid, frequently golden, almost treeless landscape. Many alfalfa fields had just been cut and glorious stacks of golden bales put up. I didn't see a huge round bale all day. Most of the ones I saw were larger versions of the classic rectangular bale. Wheat has been harvested, too. Several times we passed places where the grain storage was full and tremendous heaps of grain were on the ground nearby. This wheat was a pale golden color which was very beautiful. This was a common sight to S but I had never seen it. You would have to come through just at this time, just after school has started. Tonight on the weather channel thunderstorms were predicted across Montana and Idaho. This can't be good for mounds, foothills! of wheat on the ground. We hope to avoid driving in the rain, but tomorrow we may find ourselves doing so. Goodnight, goodnight.

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