Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Swim, baby, swim!

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I find waiting to go on a long trip very odd. I don't feel like starting anything--don't even worry too much about finishing anything. It is like everything is oddly suspended and nothing is important. Just survival things, remembering to take your thyroid, and brushing your teeth.
There are a lot of things I would like to have accomplished before I go, and not that much left of life to do them in. 1. A book of my poems. 2. A book of my haiku. 3. My mother's book: the illustrations chosen and published. 3. Best family photos chosen and arranged. Historic family photos all labeled. 4. 1500 mostly family slides scanned, arranged and named. 5. Pictures of my haiku group printed, labeled and sent to the Haiku Archives. 6. My best pictures assembled in a notebook. 7. All books listed in Librarything. 8. Number of total books cut in half. 10. Papers and notes gone through and thrown out. Notebooks indexed and labeled.
It's mostly about stuff, isn't it? Pretty terrifying just to write it down!Mother never painted the last dozen years of her life, because she wasn't ready and didn't think she had the space. Once when R. offered to set her studio up, she couldn't OK it and he almost cried in frustration. I'd like to leave things better organized than she did. Because there isn't anyone who will deal with it later, except hiring www.gotjunk.com to bear it away. And away. And away.

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