Sunday, December 03, 2006

Colors of inspiration

Colors of inspiration
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I love the pale colors of the winter desert! Sometimes a raven flies over and makes them seem even paler by its blackness. Everything is back in the kitchen now; tonight I even sorted the Junk Drawer. There was a very small, classic mouse trap in it, and a broken handle from a window we don't have any more. Lots of screwdrivers, with an emphasis on Phillips, rubber bands and clothespins to shut bags of chips or nuts. Used toothbrushes which have been run through the dishwasher--these are very handy, but I probably don't need to save any more of them. Some tape, some washers, some screws, some matchbooks, and a box of birthday candles. A treasure trove!
Last night I found an old comment on this blog from someone who visited my blog after I had commented on his. I am so used to not getting comments that I haven't looked for any for a long time. So it was great to get one.

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