Saturday, December 16, 2006

East meets west

East meets west
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I love this holiday juxtaposition. Thursday night there was a gathering of friends at a new studio. There was a delicious cranberry loaf and many other eatables. The studio was all decorated with lights, candles and beads; there were many wonderful things to look at.
Now, as I write a Barbra Streisand special has just turned up on TV. From the hairstyle, it looks to have been filmed on the cusp of the Seventies. Could it be new? She is wearing a simple, slender, long ivory-white dress. And she can really sing! The most beautiful, subtly altered notes, the power and emotion and delivery of the texts. Wow. Some guy in the audience is about to choke himself yelling, "Bravo, bravo, bravo!" The rest of the audience is screaming.
Now it is becoming clearer; the show is made of of clips from different shows. And the now-Barbra is talking about one of them.

This week I have been going through boxes of old papers. I have found many excellent traces of the past, like my daughter's kindergarten handprints in fingerpaint, and a picture of my son holding his first baby, who now is taking horseback riding lessons. This mixture of the past and the present is very appealing to me. But it also reminds me of the ones who are now gone, and how everything passes.

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