Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Glorious Fourth

The Glorious Fourth
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That's the head of my grandson in the lower right.
In this winter chill, it is nice to think about the warm long twilights of summer and the summer festivals, like Independence Day, half a year away. When I was a child our church group rented land and planted a "church garden" out in the country. When the corn, melons and tomatoes were ripe we had a Harvest Supper, a wonderful outdoor picnic with lots of fresh food, games and laughter. It is one of my most delightful repeated childhood memories. We had canning bees and canned food for ourselves and for families who might need food because of some catastrophe. We dried corn (cut from the cob) in the oven; I loved the chewy result. Tomorrow I'll tell you about our Victory Garden.

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