Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Farm House Jul2006 300dpi up

Farm House Jul2006 300dpi up
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Here's what the house pictured below in 1950, when we bought it, looked like in 2006, when my sister visited it. Theyv'e put on an attached garage and inserted one of those mullioned windows to give a better view onto the meadow, but it's the same house, with a new roof. The front door looks different,too. but I will have to check the other picture. The corner at the right of the phot is still plumb, too, the way my father jacked it up to be. That's when I learned about a plumb bob, and patient, incremental, improving work.
We saw the tail end of an Ovation show about Goya narrated by that neat art snob, Robert Hughes, tonight. We had seen the whole show before, but the detailed views of so many paintings make it one I could view many times over. Thinking about Goya--his deafness, his joy and renewal when he escaped from the Spanish court, his mighty etchings telling truths about war and the strong and terrifying dark paintings painted on the walls of one of his late residences--is really to think about art, the uses of art and the human spirit. Good night.

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