Friday, November 23, 2007


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Next week maybe I'll get crabby . . .
I am thankful for our environmental protection agencies, such as: The National Resources Defense Council; The Nature Conservancy and the many local and regional groups that are working desperately hard to try to preserve natural places, plants and animals, including us, from the many threats that face us all.
I am grateful for the help I have had from poetry and art teachers. I am extremely grateful for the love and understanding of my brother Robert and my friend Paul who encouraged me in my writing. I am thankful for all the people I have met in writing, haiku and art groups. They have made my life very rich.

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  1. dearest June -
    my goodness! i had no idea that you are reallllly keeping up on your blog! and - it IS enjoyable to read & reflect on. i see a haiku embedded in each one. you could be known as the haibun-blog queen - you could have annual contests - you could tell other people to rewrite their haiku!

    i am too thankful. . . thank you & sweet dreams, dl