Friday, November 16, 2007

Less is more . . .

Less is more . . .
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Got one of my semi-annual wash-and-wear permanents from my friend Marilyn today. She has a little rabbit-ear TV that she tuned in to the Oprah show. The entire show was on a job they did on a world class "hoarder" (this is the new anathema--you are supposed to buy a lot, but then throw it away faster--my grandmother whose mantra was "Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without," is probably rotating in her crypt--) who got therapy, cleanup help (it took several weeks), a remodel (mold) new Broyhill furniture, Profile Appliances etc, etc, and a start at a new life. All she had to pay was such terrible public humiilation as we all saw the permanent public record of her crimes, and watched her weep and try to laugh.

Marilyn throws away stuff all the time. I have to admit I was slightly inspired to throw away a garbage bag or two full. But I ordered another book from Amazon and waited for the spasm to pass. Tomorrow I have a get-together with friends all day. Maybe I can closet-weed next week.

This picture (which reminds me of a pueblo) is simplified from one I took in Wolverine, MI, juat after the goat-packing demonstration. See October 14, 2007 in this blog for more about goat-packing.

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