Monday, November 26, 2007

Grooms Corner Farmhouse

Grooms Corner Farmhouse
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This is The Farm when we got it. I even like the light spot on the print; it gives a faint ghostly tremor. See below for more about the farm. We put in the heat, the lights and the plumbing and a Southern AnteBellam porch to replace this one. The trees were American Elms and infested with Dutch Elm disease; we soon took them out. The disappearance of elms changed the character of all the towns where I grew up.

The first summer we were here we raised 200 chickens. We ordered male chicks and "caponized" them with a hormone pellet injected (with a small razor-sharp tool with a hollow tube for the cylindrical pellet) under the skin of the neck. I don't think this is done any more for obvious reasons. We discarded the necks, but I have wondered if that was good enough precaution. I cleaned every one of those chickens for the freeezer that summer--we skinned instead of plucking) Those chickens had the best succulence and flavor of any I have ever tasted.
There are eight million stories, even in the country. This has been one of them.

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