Friday, June 20, 2008

Blossoming cherry

Pale blossoms
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These blossoms last such a short time. Already months have passed since the cherries were in bloom in California in early March. These red stamens make me want to reach for a red pen, Today we bought some columbines in bloom and a pot of lupine with a spire of white bloom and a spire of blue. Gorgeous. There's a bud left and I hope to see what color it will be. One of the columbines was one of The Origami Series, which I had never heard of. But now I'm a fan! The plant is covered with off-white or pale yellowy blooms, with a lot of extra thready parts. I should photograph it tomorrow. When we got home tonight, the light was gone.

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  1. Welcome home, June. I'm glad you had a great time in Greece. Hope you post some of those Greek photos. I would love to see them. I went to Greece in 1973 and loved it! Great country.