Monday, June 23, 2008

Breakfast at King Thira's Hotel

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Every day in Santorini, this was our breakfast. The silver cup is filled with that delicious thick, creamy Greek yoghurt, It was wonderful with the peaches. All the Greek toast I had was striped like this. The cake was pretty, but too dry to eat. We could also have cereal and there was butter and jam for the toast. There was coffee, but I liked a glass of water. On two of the islands where we went, the water was non-potable in four languages: Greek, German, English and French. The tablecloths were fresh every day, and as everywhere on the islands the white and blue was made even more vivid by touches of orange or geranium red. My photographs are almost too blue. . .

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  1. Dear June,
    Your images and words are so healing; please do publish a folio haiga book of your creations. It will carry healing to many.

    Today I posted "dl." What a creative lady, getting out of Dodge (San Jose) for a great life with fresh, bracing air and views of the Pacific for Breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

    Happy Easter from jms