Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Cyclades shot every photographer takes

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And I took it too! It is hard to believe these white buildings in the blinding sun! I made it back OK and have a huge number of photographs to deal with. I am already wishing I had used another camera and etc, etc, etc, fuss-fuss-fuss. The buildings reminded me of sugar cubes and toy houses tacked onto the hillsides. The people were very nice and helpful. The water of the Aegean is an unbelieveable blue; we kept trying out different tubes of watercolor. Cobalt is good, but not quite right--my sister-in-law voted for Prussian Blue. I also tried manganese blue hue and various mixtures, wihtout feeling I had found the definitive answer,

I ate a tomato and cucumber salad almost every day. They were just lightly flavored with oregano and sometimes had Greek olives and sliced red onions in them, too. Yum! I come back to find out there is a tomato famine here. . .

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