Friday, June 27, 2008

From the heights of Milos

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They found the Venus de Milo on this island. She's really Aphrodite, and she is made of Parian marble from the island of Paros. Parian marble lets the light penetrate the surface a full millimeter more than Carrara marble, for instance. The picture shows what you can do on volcanic soils in the way of olive orchards, vineyards and other agriculture. In former days, they mined obsidian on this island and it was traded all over the ancient world. This island is still a source of bentonite and perlite. I don't know what they use bentonite for, but I have encountered perlite in potting soil mixes. I've been meaning to look bentonite up; things are so easy with Google.
This was a beautiful day, you could see far out into the Aegean, other islands, fields. rocks and dwellings. This is another of the photos that I will try to use as inspiration for a painting. Good night.

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