Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The clouds are swan-white

The clouds are swan-white
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I could post a swan photo every day for a month, but I plan to restrain myself. Some people don't bother, but I like a little restraint myself.
This morning at senior citizen's water exercise, the topic seemed to be recipes for the George Foreman grill. One woman does bacon in hers. Another marinates chicken in oil, balsalmic vinegar and tarragon before grilling. She also does mandoline-cut sliced raw potatoes. She never uses butter or grease, but has a butter-flavored spray. There were so many grilled sandwiches that I couldn't keep track.
A different topic develops every day--it is sort of interesting to see what will come up. Since the teacher is looking for a house to rent and/or buy, there has been a lot of real estate discussion. One day last week we heard a lot about nearby camping places at the various lakes and parks near here. We have only had one day of gruesome accident stories. I do notice a refreshing lack of health complaining. The pool is at the Crooked Lake Lodge and is VERY clean. Most of the people I've met (not everyone comes every day--today there were only four of us) have lived in MIchigan for many years, if not all their lives. So they have seen a lot of changes, as have we all.
Good night.

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