Sunday, July 27, 2008


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Do you suppose fish eyes are more curved than people eyes? Or cow eyes? Or the eyes of bears?? Something else to look up, Even so, that's what this type of wide angle lens is called: FISHEYE.

Of course, it is easy to crop off the telltale black corners, but I kind of get a kick out of the way they remind me of those black photo corners we used to stick photos into albums in the long-ago times of the 20th century . . .
I had already taken a lot of pictures at Sturgeon Bay with another camera, when this family appeared on the beach. Lately I have reviewed a great many painting and sketching books, which often recommend tiny figures in the watercolor landscape to give a sense of scale and make people happy because our eyes immediately go to people in pictures.
This reminded me of that. So as the family went down to the water, I took many pictures, because the arrangement of the figures kept changing.
I am thinking a great deal about watercolors right now, partly because of the trip to Greece with such good painters, and partly because of some new books I ordered from Amazon, but also because yesterday I signed up to trade art postcards (4in. x 6 in.) with seven strangers through the Yahoo ArtSwappers Group. So now I have to actually draw and paint seven images (I am thinking about Greek island villages) that I will not be too hideously embarrassed to send. Some of these people are quite talented; I haven't seen the work of all of them yet. It should be very interesting to see what they do. It should be interesting also, to see how much I procrastinate. Sorry about the recent lag in posts. I still plan to talk about Gu Cheng. When I do, I'll link back to his poem.
Sleep tight. It is 11:48 here, but my blog still thinks I am posting (I mistyped "poeting" which is kinda cute) on California time. And I couldn't figure out how to fix that and gave up. Good night.

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