Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Aspens and sky

Aspens and sky: Photomerged
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I Photomerged four photographs to get this expansive sky. It was a glorious sunny autumn day. I had S let me out of the car and walked home down the two-track taking pictures all the way. I seem to want to hold onto autumn more than ever before.
I have been remembering a doll I had. She was commercially made, about five inches tall, of a single piece of wood about 1/4 inch thick. She had been jigsawed and sanded and her edges were very smooth. She could wear rather short little easy-to-make dresses with a drawstring around the neck and buttonholes for her arms. Her underwear was painted on.The bottoms of her feet were flat and she could stand in her little painted-on white sox and black Mary Janes. Most of the time I think her hair was blond and then once in a while, I think it was black. All of her was painted in smooth enamel paint; her skin was peachy-pink. If I named her, I cannot remember the name. At some point, she got a couple of little-sibling tooth marks on her face, quite marring her beauty. Tonight I am wanting to hold her in my hand. I am going to try to sketch her. Maybe my sister, who has a jogsaw, can make me a replacement. There must have been others like her. Where have they all gone? There is a similar hand-made older doll on eBay right now. But she is nine inches tall and has jointed legs. And a VERY old fashioned hairdo. For the past year or so, I have bought myself some small dolls at jumble sales and in thrift stores. I don't know why. I never played much with dolls, actually, because I was usually busy reading. Do you still have any of your dolls?

brief autumn--
a painted doll awakens
from a long slumber

Have a good night's rest in this excellent autumn weather. Open those windows!

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