Saturday, October 25, 2008

Autumn through the kitchen window

It doesn't get much prettier than this! This was the 2005 autumn, which does not really seem that long ago. The yellow tree is one of the three sisters. Many of the maples and aspens were a little redder this year. Since I take so many pictures here, it is fun to follow the growth of individual trees and compare the colors of one autumn to another. This year the tamarack, or larch, are just beginning to turn in the last two days. Last year, they were all yellow at this time, so they are later. Which is a small bit of anecdotal evidence for global warming. My daughter moved here in 1986 and the winters aren't generally as cold as they were then. And the oldtimers say that winters in the thirties and forties were MUCH colder than they were then. I hope we have finally gotten the will to make an all-out assault on this problem, at least as we understand it now. Most of the things we think need to be done, are not HARMFUL, especially conservation. But I have to admit, I HATE those ugly-shaped, mercury-containing and stingy-with-light flourescent bulbs. I'm using them, but it is sort of like being on a diet--not fun, even if you know how virtuous it is.
The cold is coming in tonight and there will be wind, snow and rain on Monday, so we may wait a day of two before leaving.

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  1. June, I know, I have been doing about two blogs a day! Crazy huh! And I used to think what in the world can I write about.

    Jack and I went to the club for our monthly wine dinner meeting tonight and someone asked me how do you know what to write about and I replied. "Take the photos and the blog then writes itself."

    I post pictures that I have taken and that I think folks would enjoy seeing and that just leads to a story. Maybe told in children's picture book fashion but a good children's book is something that everyone enjoys hearing and seeing.

    So yes, it does look like I have been taking something to get high but actually I'm just high on life itself.

    You know, when times are turbulent and tough some times those are the very best of times for folks.

    Plus I have had so many varied experiences in the past two weeks. I won't even describe what my unmarried daughter sent me today but just think Halloween costume party and the unmarried daughter
    looking about six months pregnant pretending she is Sarah Palin's pregnant daughter! Jeanine sent the photo and I almost had a heart attack when I saw it.

    Some other things I have sone recently. I have posted for both MY WORLD TUESDAY and SKY WATCH FRIDAY. That gave me lots of new and interesting blogs to visit and of course people commented on my Yogi Berra posts and that was fun. You need to start to do these MY WORLD TUESDAYS and the SKY WATCH FRODAY memes.

    Go to my blog list. Find Linda Letters and visit her blog. She is a retired educator, grandmother, Democrat, and great lover of nature photos and a great writer. Plus a reader like you. Check her out. You will like her blog. She posts from Seattle, Washington and has traveled all around the world.

    Then a lady sent me today a comment that asserted that I must not be a patiotic American for voting for Obama and that my daughter's boyfriend who spent two tours in Iraq must be just a disgruntle vet. Well, that fired me up big time.

    Plus I had so much to share: trip to Shenandoah National Park and the history of CCC under FDR; hosting an Oktoberfest party; housefire in our neighborhood; trip to Airlie House and Conference Center; Jack Aidan playing golf, etc.

    Most likely things will slow down a bit after the election. But who knows. I do know this: I love blogging and meeting friends thru blogging. It is the very best! And I consider it an honor to be listed on your blog!

    Have a great week and peace to you and yours.