Monday, October 06, 2008

Young Sugar Maples

Young Sugar Maples
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Here you can see how the bigtooth aspens (Populus grandidentata) have served as "nurse trees" allowing the young maples to begin growing in a more protected, slightly-shaded place. Since the aspens are a short-lived tree, the maples will continue to gain in relative strength. Fifteen years ago, when we bought this land, they were little more than seedlings. I have become very interested in the trees here. It is a climate much suited to trees. I love to see where they choose to sprout and flourish and how they arrange themselves, trunks, limbs and leaves, in search of sunlight.

autumn deepens--
my grandson stuffs the washer
with a load of jeans

I just looked this up and it has been five years since I wrote this haiku!
I never saw anybody put more jeans into a single load. It still makes me laugh to think of it, now that he has left home for good.


  1. Looking east from our place in Michigan,off the porch. We're in Emmet County, Michigan (at the Tip of the Mitt, about a mile north of Pickerel Lake.

  2. You need to write a poem about the Tip of the Mitt and Pickerel Lake. Interesting names.