Monday, August 10, 2009

Broken laptop screen

Broken laptop screen
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The sad story, S. put his laptop down on the sofa with the mouse sitting on the keyboard and a 16 pound dachshund stepped on the half-closed lid. This is the result. The big dark spot represents the mouse, while you can see the mouse cord, or tail, running down to the bottom of the screen. There was a workable inch left on the top, so I could click an icon and prove that the browser still worked (in that inch) and that it wasn't some other kind of problem.
This was actually sort of pretty, with lots of thin lines of different colors. S could not believe I was taking a picture of it. Apparently, the local computer guy can put on a new screen--there are even very good illustrated instructions at Screentek,com about how to do it yourself. I toyed with the idea briefly (I like to try to do everything once, just to prove I can--once I tailored a man's suit for S from some gorgeous soft gray flannel--I had had it professionally pressed to preshrink it, but it wasn't shrunk enough and the beautiful work was ruined by dry-cleaning. Still, it was very handsome until then. Flannel was beautiful to work with--I fastened the horsehair interfacing with tiny stitches into the fabric, but probably too soft to wear well. But I made everything, even the buttonholes.)
We left the laptop to be repaired and came home to a beautiful afternoon and a pink-cloud sunset. Good night.

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  1. A friend of ours is an NPR reporter, who had that happen to his screen on one of the early days of the gulf war. Though the stepper was a soldier, not a pup.

    Lacking a quick repair shop, he had to type most of his scripts in the upper left quadrant of the screen that worked for quite a while.