Friday, August 14, 2009

Unhappy fate

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We went looking for a few more perennials, since the ones we planted last year have done so well. Trapped in the greenhouse high above me (this photo is cropped from a much larger one) was this flailing monarch, trying to go skyward through the glass, Made me sad. During the past few days I have seen many of these butterflies in the open fields near the house. There is some milkweed this year, but not as much as there was a few years ago, and none of it has flowered yet, although I think it had done so by this time in years past. I wished the butterrflies good hunting if they were ready to lay eggs. It made me think of Charlotte (she of the Web) and her no-nonsense attitude toward her egg-laying imperative. I have just finished a biography of E.B. White, by Elledge, which so poignantlly captured him and his times, and the times in which his various books were written. All our lives are spent in the winds or breezes of fortune.

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