Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Splendor of Cloud

Splendor of Cloud
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One of those mid-July days that makes me glad to be alive! I am having so much fun with pictures online that I can hardly bear to go to bed at night. The cloud-show here is very varied and spectacular. About the only thing we lack is a good view of the sunset. But there is often some compensation in the reflected pink light on the clouds as evening comes on. Tonight the moon came up before dark and I took some pictures which I haven't looked at yet. Moon pictures are not usually as successful as blue-sky-cloud ones.
I am also on a biography jag, just finished one on Andrew Wyeth and am starting ones on Borges, Elsa Morante and E. B. White. Winslow Homer Watercolors by Helen A. Cooper had a lot of information about his life. In addition, each chapter was qujite specific about his working methods--that was very interesting to me.
I'm falling behind on many tasks and plans, though, but I did freeze 30 pounds of blueberries and half a lug of pitted sweet cherries. We plan to go for sour cherries next week. There are pies in our future. We can't miss out on the wonderful local fruit, better than you can believe.

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