Monday, February 24, 2014

California Live Oaks on the horizon

There is something very appealing about this line of scraggy California Live Oaks trying to make it on a hilltop in the worsening drought. I see them, still the same, still struggling, when we take the Daily Walk. I guess I sympathize; the strangest things tug at human heartstrings.

Here is another poem from brochure for the program on Sunday that I spoke about in last night's post. This one is by Kathleen Lynch and appeared many years ago in her chapbook of the same name.

How to Build an Owl

1. Decide you must.

2. Develop deep respect
for feather, bone, claw.

3. Place your trembling thumb
where the heart will be:
for one hundred hours watch
so you will know
where to put the first feather.

4. Stay awake forever.
When the bird takes shape
gently pry open its beak
and whisper into it: mouse.

5. Let it go.

                    **Kathleen Lynch**

A poem that is a list of instructions for something fresh like this is a great idea. We all should try one! I have known and loved this poet and this poem for many, many years.

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