Saturday, February 15, 2014

Working toward blossoming

This is a combination of two pictures I took on the daily walk when the almonds were just beginning to blossom. I loved how the tree was sending out new shoots from the trunk to bloom!

And this is a poem that I wrote years ago and just recently revised. (And I just made a few more revisions.) I just felt like putting up something of my own. We watched Olympics again tonight. It made me lonesome for the Olympics from years past.

Portrait in the Colors of Winter

And now the plane rises, 
banks, gaining altitude 
and arcing west above  
the snow-muted fields. 

Twilight suffuses the lake 
where all the waters from 
this high mountain valley 
eventually end. 

Now the clouds are below us 
we see a different side of clouds 
from that which is visible on earth. 
I am flying, flying toward you, 

toward the limitless future 
in one secret corner of the world. 
Late sunlight tip-gilds the western slopes 
of the snowy Sierras. 

Pilot: We are level at thirty thousand feet. 

The weather at home is cool, he reports, 
with high scattered clouds. 
Cruising at thirty thousand feet 
I lean into you, imagining, confident

of being borne up, lifted upon whispers. 
Mountains spread dark wrinkled mysteries
beneath me--their creases marked
by the stark winter foliage of the high pines.

** June Hopper Hymas **

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