Saturday, February 08, 2014

Spanish Wine

This fairy-tale creature was on a bottle of wine from Spain. What a great luncheon E gave us on Thursday! We began with a Spanish cheese, and then had a French Salade Nicoise and a French Clafoutie! By the time we left I was feeling positively cosmopolitan~  I love the reflections and colors of light on the bottle in this photograph. I always wish I knew how to use pastels when I see something like this.

If I were to imagine a children's picture book, I could imagine one with this long-eared, long-legged sprite as its hero. What adventures we could have! And his picture on the cover should be embossed in silver-gilt.

I haven't found a poem for tonight. I know the Universe, the Internet and My Own Library should be sufficient for this purpose, but it has been a long day . . .

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