Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Dad trims Sis's hooves, I hold her

A memory thread from one of my mother's slides. We've just moved here from the Village of Scotia. This is Sis, the impulse-purchase horse. Cindy was $75 and if we took Sis, also, she would be $10 off. Both mares were pregnant. I am a sophomore in high school, illustrating how difficult it was then to find clothes for a tall girl. My father is illustrating his all-around competence.

I'd like to give you a haiku tonight: This is from a recent book of haiku, New Sprouts; with illustrations by Delia White, by my friend and haiku mentor, Jerry Ball, who lives in Walnut Creek.

a field of fresh grass
we fancy ourselves pilgrims
crossing a green sea

Jerry Ball

Moving to the Farm was a pivotal experience for our family!

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