Saturday, March 08, 2014

Economical Use of Materials

Today we had a wonderful haiku meeting in which we all made art! We met in a classroom studio and got to use all sorts of materials. This is a picture of small haiku-sized books made by Linda P. from grocery bags (some with printed pictures) or other printed advertising. The covers are glued around small rectangles of binder board. Books can be sewn or folded. Inspirational! Every single person wound up making something different! Some of the recycled materials besides paper bags were: abandoned children's art, magazines, donated cigar boxes, fabric scraps and twine. 

Below is a view of the set-up from the table where the little books were displayed. I guess the thing that really thrilled me was that every single project was different, and some of them already included haiku. The level of creativity, plus the unlimited encouragement and the varieties of interesting materials quite lifted the room into the air!

In the spirit of economy of materials, I want to offer this poem, which I found last night in a memorial anthology honoring Walter Pavlich: How to Be This Man; the Walter Pavlich Memorial Poetry Anthology, edited by Sandra McPherson, Swan Scythe Press, 2003 on page 76. This book contains poems by men associated with Swan Scythe Press as well as other poets. The whole poem is below, and is everything that is needed, I think.

James Lee Jobe
Potato Bug Feet

At bedtime my son and I talk to the moon and say
a tiny prayer. How tiny? Smaller than potato bug feet.

This poem knocks me out! I wonder what it would be like with a different title though, so the last line would be surprising. Mayhap it is surprising enough. I want to write a tiny, tiny poem.

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